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Trial Template


Illustrations can help to make complex injuries more understandable.

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Illustrations can help to make complex injuries more understandable. This is especially important in cases involving technical or medical experts who need to opine on a particular aspect of the injury. Our illustrations can be animated, printed, or used in a hyperlinked presentation that increases the effectiveness of the work.

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You may have een a Powerpoint before. However you havn't seen anything like the ones that we design. The jury should be able to understand the evidence and the legal arguments without getting bogged down in technical details. Second, the presentations should be persuasive. The lawyer should use clear and powerful language to convince the jury that the plaintiff is entitled to compensation. Third, the presentation should be visually appealing and hold the attention of the jury.

Trial Template

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We Create Graphics For Your Demand letters that will help to explain complex concepts and increase clarity.


Medical illustrations, animations and graphics for your expert depos that will come in as important exhibits


Mediation is an important deadline and we create entire trial presentations for mediation to increase your case value.


Since we do not bill hourly, we tend to accomplish our work faster than you might have come to expect.


Other than animations, we create interactive editable presentations for openings, cross examinations and closing.

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Pulmonary Hypertrophy Trial Template
We're Creative With Medical Records

CT scans are objective. They are created by machines and are not subject to the interpretation of a medical illustrator. This can make them more persuasive to juries, who are often skeptical of expert testimony.

From Flat Slices to an Animated 3D Model

CT Scans are more dynamic. They can be rotated and viewed from different angles. They can output to video and rotated around. This allows the jury to see the injuries from different perspectives and to better understand how they occurred.

Pulmonary Hypertrophy Trial Template
Humanize The Injuries With A Face

If the person being scanned is scared, in pain, unconscious or crying, the CT Scan will pick up those important details which will help others empathize with their pain rather than look at the injuries as they would a skeleton in some biology class.

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3D Animations can be a powerful tool in personal injury cases. They can be used to recreate the accident scene, show the path of travel of the vehicles involved, and the injuries sustained. Animations can also be used to explain complex scientific or medical concepts. They are an important part of a successful case, and now at long last, they are affordable.

Innovative Timelines

Trial Template Timelines
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A timeline is a powerful tool that can be used to show the jury the extent of a person's injuries and the amount of treatment they have undergone. The timeline can show the dates of the injuries, the types of treatment. This information can be very helpful to understanding the severity of the injuries and the impact that they have had on someone's life. When these timelines hyperlink to the actual treatment documents these timelines become an essential part of trial.

Trial Template

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Pulmonary Hypertrophy Trial Template
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When you work with us, you know exactly what each case will cost. No Surprises. It is important that trial and litigation graphics be affordable so that all law firms, regardless of their size or resources, can have access to these powerful tools. This will ensure that all cases, large or small, have the opportunity to receive the best possible representation to tell their story.