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Be Your Own 3D Animator with Trial Template

Previously if you need to use a 3D model of the body to demonstrate either an area of the body, perhaps an injury or a condition, even a surgical procedure, then you would have to outsource this to a graphics studio, and they would pass this to a trained 3D animator. They would then return either still images that you could not edit, or a video that you could not edit. Either way, 3D animation was something that no novice could ever play around with, and this increased case costs and time.

One of the latest features that PowerPoint has offered is the ability to use 3D models within their presentations, and Trial Template is keeping up with these advances. We are pushing the envelope to innovate. This innovation opens a new door to our clients: the ability to animate and manipulate their own 3D models that they need in a trial. The only thing missing was the content. So, for the past several months, we have been building models that look stunning in PowerPoint and placing those models in Trial Template slides along with animations, callouts and extra features that give our clients all of the control needed to represent a wide variety of anatomical systems, organs, bones, injuries, and conditions. The result is an easy to use presentation that looks more like a high-end video than a PowerPoint presentation.

Our overall goal remains the same; reduce cost, increase accessibility, and offer total control of content to every client. Our new 3D library has opened a whole new chapter to creating trial presentations that captivate, inform, persuade, and create impressions that no juror is likely to forget.