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Choosing Trial Template over Standard Graphics

While many companies offer graphics for trial presentations, what if you could purchase just one template to create all of your presentations? Trial Template is a software product that will help you create your own presentations without the cost of hiring a marketing or graphics firm every time you need one.

Whether you have experience in graphics or are a novice, we offer remote demonstrations of our litigation timeline template. We will also help you customize the template to suit your individual case. Most companies charge a tremendous amount for single-use trial graphics. Trial Template, however, will cost you less than 10k per year, and you can create unlimited presentations for every single case.

When you choose Trial Template, you are never on your own with our product. We offer plenty of tutorials online and personal assistance every step of the way. Our product library is at your fingertips with all of the graphics you can use time and time again. All you need to create visually stunning trial presentations is basic knowledge of PowerPoint.

If you are interested in the Trial Template product, contact us today at (415) 332-9100. We will help you save money year after year with our beautiful litigation templates.