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Keeping Control and Attention with Timelines

Traditionally, a law firm has had to hire a litigation graphics company or graphics specialist, and they create the graphics that are presented in the trial. Once those graphics are created, they cannot be changed in a short period. You have to contact the graphics firm, submit the work order changes, the changes are then passed to the graphics operators and then the work is performed and returned.

If your firm needs to make changes right before a trial, or the expert needs to adjust a graphics piece, then you’re in a bad position. That was the case before Trial Template came along. Trial Template puts all of the control in the hands of the people that need it the most, -your own. With Trial Template, you can create a variety of engaging timelines with varying amounts of functionality. Create timelines that hyperlink to other exhibits within a presentation where the timeline operates just like a website menu allowing you to click on any timeline flag to open the exhibit from that particular day. You can quickly jump to whatever day or exhibition you want in whatever order you choose. You can immediately make changes and add or remove whatever you need to. All of this control is in your hands with easy to use pre-animated timelines that have already been used successfully in a trial by some of the best trial attorneys in the country.

If you can use Microsoft Word, then you can use Trial Template. If you can create a mediation brief, then you can create engaging and memorable timelines and graphics with our pre-designed animated templates. You no longer need to cross your fingers and hope a graphic designer understands your needs while you wait for an email to arrive. Now you can create this onsite immediately in just minutes with a trial timeline template. If you are short on time, remember that the staff at Trial Template is available whenever you need them. Just pick up the phone, and they can have one of their trained specialists turn around a timeline faster than it takes you to get lunch.

When you have a Trial Template subscription, it is like having your own in-house graphics team waiting in the wings. When you compare the cost to other studios, you will see that Trial Template costs less for a year of unlimited access to graphics, animations, and specialists than others charge to create a single case animation that you cannot edit or use again for any other case. Trial Template lowers costs, increases case value, and gives you total control over own case graphics.