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The Importance of Making Trial Graphics Accessible

If you were trying to describe an elephant to someone who had never seen one, what do you think the finished product would look like in his or her mind? Chances are it would be far from reality, maybe even approaching the surreal.

That is the danger that comes into play by not using illustrations when describing a concept during a trial. We make it our goal to provide high-quality litigation graphics available to lawyers and law firms so they can effectively present cases in the most transparent way possible. It is much easier for juries to grasp concepts they can see in bold colors and crisp lines.

No two cases are alike, so you need models and animations that you can easily tailor to meet your needs. You do not take a cookie cutter approach to present a case, and that should extend to the visual elements as well.

Graphics of all varieties are the simplest way to illustrate technical concepts and allow jurors to see what points you are making about the topic at hand. They are also a powerful complement to your statements that linger after your words have faded into silence.

The saying is that “you can’t un-ring a bell,” but we believe it may be even more accurate and appropriate to say, “You can’t un-see something that makes an impression.”

Litigation graphics build upon the concept of a picture is worth a thousand words. Make a difference in your case with images that speak for themselves.