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“Show, not tell” is writing advice that applies equally to the courtroom. The more you can illustrate a concept, the stronger your case is. When you leave things to the imagination, then you run the risk of misinterpretation.

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At Trial Template, we do not want this to happen, so we provide illustrations, animations, and timelines, which are the product of seven years of effort. These products work and have been used successfully in trials across the nation.

We feel that the most effective way to describe a complex process or incident or item is to bring it to life with high-quality models. It is much better than describing an element and hoping your words do justice to the concept.

With this blog, we will explore ways to use presentations and animations, such as those in our trial timeline template, in court or negotiations effectively. You can expect to see topics like “The Importance of Making Trial Graphics Accessible” because we want you to learn how to maximize your message easily and quickly.

This blog will also stand as another way we provide support to our clients, which also includes having staff members available when you need us because we know that trial preparation is not a 9 to 5 process.

Make lasting impressions on a jury by using a trial timeline template to illustrate your points. A quality template sets the foundation for a presentation.