Titles & Text

Trial Template comes with a variety of pre-animated Titles and Text slides

Features include:

  • Pre-animated and static titles that you can use as is or edit to suit your needs
  • Animated emphasis titles
  • Bulleted and pre-animated text slides that animate in automatically or on click
  • Different colored titles and matching text slides that create different categories quickly
  • 2 column comparative text slides
  • Animated text and image slides

Please click here to see some examples



There are a wide variety of animated timelines within Trial Template that can be easily populated.

Trial Template includes the following timelines:

  • Complex Treatment Timelines to show various therapies and medicine
  • Yearly Comparative Timelines to relate long term treatments
  • Linear Timelines that can be adjusted for different amounts of time
  • Monthly Timelines to compare the months in a single year
  • Yearly Calendar Based Timelines from 2009 through 2020
  • Chronological Timelines that can be populated with different information

Please click here to see some examples of Trial Template Timelines



Trial Template comes with a multitude of graphics. Some graphics work as animated pages within Trial Template that you can add content to. Or you can access a library of animated graphics in our marketplace or products page and download them individually to add depth and professionalism to your presentations. 

Trial Template includes the following type of graphics:

  • Litigation specific graphics to help to explain aspects of law
  • Medical graphics
  • Supplemental graphics that work with Trial Template or any other presentation
  • Animated template pages that support photo albums or other images
  • Parallax transitions
  • Animated titles, transitions and placeholders

Please click here to see some examples of Trial Template Graphics



Trial Template comes different layouts to quickly display documents and create highlights and underlines to focus in on the content that is most important to your case.

Trial Template includes the following type of document layouts:

  • 1, 2, or 3 document page displays
  • Create animated callouts for any part of your document
  • Animated yellow paragraph highlights and red underlines
  • Animate document callouts either automatically or on a click
  • Dynamic document callouts that can zoom in to any part of the document (this feature only operates with PowerPoint 2013 or later)
  • Animate 1 or 2 callouts on a document at the same time
  • Create callouts that occur on 2 different pages at the same time

Please click here to see some examples of Trial Template Document Animations



Trial Template comes with an assortment of pre-animated professional looking medical template pages to display injuries. Each template page contains fields that allow you to drag your individual content into for fast, professional and elegant results. 

Trial Template includes the following type of medical slides:

  • Cranium slides to show X-Ray, MRI’s or CT Scans
  • Front/Back Brain Injuries
  • Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar and Sacral slides
  • Posterior and Anterior Spine views
  • Pelvis, Hands, Shoulders and more
  • Animated Whiplash slides

Please click here to see some examples of Trial Template’s Medical Slides and Animations that you can create in seconds



Trial Template comes with litigation slides built into the template allowing you to create slides about your client’s life, case law, personal and economical damages.  

Trial Template includes the following type of animated litigation slides:

  • Slides that involve case law
  • Scales that tip left or right that you can place lists into both trays of the scale
  • Slides that create important lists
  • Comparative list slides
  • “Evidence will show” slides
  • “More likely than not” slides
  • Personal and Economic Damages slides
  • Slides for calling out Deposition transcripts

Please click here to see some examples of Trial Template Litigation slides



Trial Template is developing more and more animations each day. PowerPoint animations and 3d video animations that can be inserted into PowerPoint and the Trial Template that are editable for your case and client.

  • Animations that relate to specific injuries
  • Animations that details different surgeries
  • Animations that show forces
  • Animations that show various parts of anatomy
  • Animations that are built in parts that can be edited and have specific information that relate to your case and client inserted

Please click here to see some examples of Trial Template Animations