How to Use Google Earth to tell your client’s story


    • The Accident Scene KMZ file that was created in this video
    • The Google Earth version 4 user guide for further instruction
    • “Authenticating Google Street View photos for use at trial” article by Steven Glickman
    • USGS Certification information about the authenticity of the images used in Google Earth

Power Tips:

    • The higher resolution your monitor, the higher resolution your images and screen captures will be
    • Take your time and examine each area from the aerial maps, and from the street level. You will find details that you would otherwise miss by only examining one or the other.
    • Like any software, there is more to using Google Earth than you think. Take your time to play with it and create your own fictional events.

You Will Need:

  • Google Earth Installed

    32 minutes of time to follow this video tutorial

    The files available below. Just hit the “Download Files” button